Provide a model for the competency of managers at the University of Medical Sciences based on the Theme analysis

Document Type : Original Research Article


Ph.D. student of Economics and Finance Management of Higher Education, University of Tehran, Iran


Background and Purpose; Today, the competence of principals has become a key issue in various academic systems. However, so far no comprehensive study has been conducted on the competencies of managers in foreign studies. In addition, the competencies of medical university administrators have not been studied with content analysis strategy. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to systematically review the studies conducted in the field of competency of managers in research abroad, then content analysis and categorization of findings to provide a model for managers of the University of Medical Sciences.
Method: The present qualitative research has been developed in two steps. In the first step, using the system review method, the keyword competency managers in the period 2006-2020 was searched in databases: Science Direct, Google Scholar, ERIC, and out of 138 studies, 60 studies were finally analyzed. In the second step, using the theme analysis method, the key concepts of 60 articles were extracted and categorized into main themes.
findings; The main themes of the competencies of the managers of the University of Medical Sciences in eight categories; Personality competencies, technical competencies, managerial competencies, tax competencies, organizational development competencies, interactive competencies, human resource competencies, and entrepreneurial competencies are classified with 304 key concepts.
Conclusion; Given the key role of universities in the development of various ecosystems, it is important to pay attention to the competencies of managers who are at the forefront of decision-making and decision-making in medical universities. Based on the findings of this study, with eight categories of qualifications, it is necessary for the authorities to take steps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of medical universities by selecting these competencies based on the selection of managers and adopting policies in this field