packages for reform and innovation in medical education in Islamic Republic of Iran; a conceptual framework



Background: In spite of notable achievements, medical education in Iran has faced some challenges during last years. Looking at these challenges and in line with upstream national policies in higher education, the packages for reform and innovation in medical education was designed by ministry of health and medical education.

Method: the national plan was drafted in three step: summarizing the national upstream documents in health care, writing comprehensive plan for higher health education, designing packages for reform and innovation in medical education. Authors were used expert panel method for data gathering in macro level.

Results: twelve policies, 68 strategies and their translation in health system were adopted in comprehensive plan for higher health education. Eleven practical packages were also developed in order to implementation of these policies as packages for reform and innovation in medical education.

Conclusion: Special attention to national upstream documents, cross relation between main policies, practical packages and translation of policies in health system are the main strength of this method. Of course, designing practical packages is not enough and achieving its main goals depends on implementation of policies by designing and running action plans and clear projects.


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