The relationship between prayer and depression in students of Ardabil university medical science 2008


Background: Entering to the university and starting of student’s living can be named as a beginning of dreaming or complex of unknowns, exchanges, evolutions of any case, that with no doubt it has some effects such as depression, adjustment, behavior and morals disorders and anxiety feelings. For the reason that praying, worship and devotion in Islamic culture is a mention and scriptural, mentions can be as support against the difficulties and misfortunes. This research is done to emphasis on this fact. Materials and Method: The study was descriptive analytical in design, that carried out on 403 students with stratified sampling from medical university of Ardabil. two questionnaire for data collecting were used that included For analyzing the data, we used the descriptive and inferential statistics. Results: the prevalence of depression in students was 50/8. There was a significant relation (p < 0/05) between economic states with depression. Students have positive attitude to prayer and there was a statistical relation between sex, education, marital states, local occupancy, education level of mother, model semester, with prayer and inverse relation between prayer and depression. Conclusion: regarding to this research results and importance of other that reducing mean of depression range. Researchers recommended to access physical and spiritual prayer benefits and cure of depression it is necessary to ‍َی®— the culture pray in university and socials.