Volume & Issue: Volume 27, 4 forty years achievement of Medical Education in Iran - Serial Number 4, March 2019 

Original Research Article

Medical Education Policy Making in Iran; a review of 40-years experiences.

Pages 215-223

Ata Pourabbasi; Zahra Kheiry; Solmaz Sadat Naghvai Alhosseini; hamid akbari; Bagher Larijani

Evolution of e-Learning in Iran's Medical Sciences Universities: Formation of Virtual University of Medical Sciences

Pages 233-243

Seyyed Naser ostad; Soleiman Ahmady; Aeen Mohammadi; Omid Sabzevari; Rita Mojtahedzadeh; Masoud Razavizadeh; Abdol Nasser Norouzadeh

The Forty Years’ Experience of Medical Sciences Education System of in Development of Medical Scientific Association

Pages 251-259

Seyed Jalil Hosseini; Reza movaghari; Mahboubeh Khorsand; Niloofar Peykari; Manzar Amirkhani

Designing and establishment of Accreditation system for evaluation of Virtual schools and centers

Pages 260-270

Aeen Mohammadi; Rita Mojtahedzadeh; Shadi Asadzandi; Seyed Nasser Ostad

Design and implementation of a structured interview of Ph.D. entrance exam in medical sciences universities

Pages 271-281

Habibeh Abbasi; Soleiman Ahmadi; Shahla Baratpour; Fatemeh Karimpour; Shahla Khosravi

Comparative study of the status of Iran’s medical universities according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018 & 2019

Pages 296-310

asghar jahandideh; Habibeh Abbasi; gebraeil nasl saraji; Esmaeil Idani; Zahra Riahi Poor; Zahra Abbasi

The study of the circumstances of medical sciences units of Islamic Azad University in the academic year of 1395-96 based on Territorial Planning of Higher Education

Pages 311-323

asghar jahandideh; gebraeil nasl saraji; zahra kazemi; morteza jabbarzadeh; Elham ghadrdoost nakhchi; zahra abdoli; Zahra Riahi Poor; marzieh jomeei