Aims and Scope

Aims And Scope 

  • Educate and inform about the policies and education policies, the country's health according to the latest global achievements and review them.
  • Educate and inform about the management of health services to managers of different levels of education, health care, according to the latest achievements in knowledge management.
  • The introduction of national health services according to their latest achievements in the development of health services of the country.
  • Communicate with the educational community, in order to propel their health and medical research activities at all levels.
  • Medical attention to patients' rights, and vice versa, and providing the necessary information in this regard.
  • Training to managers and decision-makers about the economy's health.
  • Introduce appropriate technology on health services and education and research related to its development.
  • Culture on issues of medical ethics, medical law and patients, medical history, etc.
  • Addressing the issues of religious adaptation compliance in the medical community.
  • echoes the ideas of an educated society of medical sciences in order to improve the quality and quantity of community health