Relationship between Resilience and Burnout of Nurses


Introduction and purpose: the potential of resilience is regarded as a determiner for preventing and decreasing burnout resulted form occupational stresses.Among the occupations, nursing is the most stressful ones .The optimistic psychology view tries to increase the capability of a person instead of solving the problem and this is the main idea behind resilience. This study has investigated the relationship between resilience and Occupational burnout of nurses.Methods: the research method is descriptive – correlation. The sample of the study was 426 nurses from governmental section of Kermanshah. In this study Maslash Burnout (MBI) and Conroe – Davidson resilience scale (CD – RISC) were used. The data was analyzed by SPSS. Finding: the results showed that there is a relationship between resilience general bourn out and emotional boring and depersonalization (personality metamorphosis) index at (P < 0/001). Moreover, there is a relationship between resilience and personal efficiency feeling at (P < 0/01). No relationship was found between resilience demography features. Conclusion: since resilience is one of predictors of decreasing burn out in nursing, it is suggested to include teaching resilience courses in the syllabus of nurses.