Estimated of number of cardiac and respiratory deaths attributed to air pollutionin Tehran (2006)


Back ground and purpose: Air pollution in cities thorough the world, is a complex mixture of poisonous compounds which are always combustion products Particulate Matters (PM) are instant member of this mixture. Despite wide spectrum health effects of PM, effects on death seem to be the most important one. The main purpose of this study was to estimate number of cardio pulmonary death in adults older than 30 attributable to Tehran air pollution in year 1385. Materials and Methods: After gathering needed population, mortality and PM concentration data in Tehran from related centers, for statistic and distribution computations SPSS and Excel soft wares were used. Attributable deaths were estimated with AirQ soft ware. Results: PM2.5 concentration as air pollution index was 34.11 μg/m3 in year 1385. This was computed using PM2.5: PM10 = 0.5 and daily average concentration of PM10. Findings show that about 5388 (95%: 2360- 7508) cases or about 39.90 percent of total cardio pulmonary death in Tehran can be attributable to PM air pollution in 1385. Discussion: Due to some problems in cause of death registration in death certificates there is a possibility of overestimated attributable cases. Because of information lack especially for non mortal health effects (morbidity) in Iran and local area it is proposed that later studies focus on this area.